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Types of Air Conditioners We Install, Service & Repair in New Jersey

Types of AC Units We Service & Repair in NJ

Types of Air Conditioners We Install, Service & Repair

The best air conditioner for your home is determined by the capacity of the room to be cooled as well as the atmosphere in which you live. Par-Troy HVAC specializes in the installation and maintenance of a wide range of cooling systems.

If you want to upgrade your aging, inefficient system with modern, energy-efficient air conditioning equipment, our trained technicians will recommend the best system for your house. We will also assist you if the new AC device has to be repaired.

Par-Troy HVAC provides a comprehensive collection of AC services in AllendaleAlpineBogotaBudd Lake, ClosterEast OrangeFairviewGarfield, HaledonIroniaMadison, Millburn, River Edge, and other cities throughout New Jersey.

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Types of Air Conditioners Service in New Jersey

Staying in an overheated house is unhealthy and even harmful. However, there are now very efficient methods for replacing hot indoor air with colder air and maintaining comfortable temperatures. All you have to do is determine which form of air conditioning strategy would fit better for you depending on your budget, the features of your house, and other considerations. This brief overview of air conditioning forms will assist you in making the best decision.

Types of Air Conditioners We Work for in New Jersey
  1. Central Air Conditioners: Central air conditioning units tend to be the gold standard in home air conditioning. During the winter months, the ductwork mechanism that distributes cold air in the house would most likely disperse hot air.

    The size of a central air conditioning device is not determined by BTU (British Thermal Unit) performance. Instead, cooling capability is expressed in "tons." A "ton" of cooling energy is equivalent to the amount of heat consumed by one ton of ice melting in a 24-hour cycle (roughly equal to 12,000 BTU).

    When you upgrade an old central air conditioning system with a modern, high-efficiency unit, you will enjoy a lot of luxury and save a lot of money. For instance, a 10-year-old AC system could only be running at less than 10 SEER, while new units may run at more than 20 SEER. When AC servicing and repair aren't offering the desired level of comfort or savings, it's time to think about switching to new appliances. Par-Troy HVAC will also assist you in evaluating building envelope changes that can help you reduce your AC requirements.

  2. Ductless Air Conditioners: Ductless mini-split air conditioners are typically configured to provide both heating and air conditioning. In terms of cooling capability, these units fall somewhere between portable and whole-house air conditioning systems. However, this AC category has higher SEER ratings (higher efficiency) than other AC options.

    The ductless AC unit's compact external module delivers refrigerant to a similarly compact, wall-mounted air handler, which distributes conditioned air across the room. There is no need for unsightly window construction. BTUs are used to determine the scale of ductless systems. Larger units can provide refrigerant to many indoor air handlers.

    If your home lacks ductwork, consider ductless air conditioning, to cool an extension or renovated attic, or you need the super-efficient heating and cooling that these devices will offer.

  3. Portable Air Conditioners: Portable air conditioners are compact enough that they can be bought and installed by the homeowner. Window versions that are fully self-contained and floor variants that must be ducted to a window are all available in the compact AC category. The majority of portable air conditioners, like whole-house units, use refrigerant. A smaller number are “evaporative air conditioners,” which offer ventilation by evaporating water.

    Portable air conditioners are classified according to their BTU (British Thermal Unit) capacity, with capacities varying from 5,000 to 10,000 BTU. This equipment should also have EER and SEER scores, which are used to calculate energy efficiency (see sidebar).

    Portable air conditioners are far less costly than most types of ventilation devices. However, keep in mind that several units would be needed to cool an entire home. Consider the additional noise in each space, as well as the fact that a window-mounted device, when built, blocks the view and natural ventilation.

  4. Hybrid Air Conditioner:
    Types of Air Conditioners We Work for in New Jersey

    To save money and resources when operating the machine, hybrid AC unit systems alternate between burning fossil fuels and using electricity. In the season, the heat pump operates normally, drawing heat from your house and spreading it outside. Over the winter, the hybrid heat pump system operates in reverse, drawing heat from the outside world and spreading it around your house.

  5. Geothermal Heating and Cooling:

    Geothermal energy, a newer way of heating and cooling, will draw heat from under the earth and transfer it into your house. A geothermal coil is buried deep in the earth and can be used to heat and cool your house.

    In the winter, heat is absorbed from the Earth; in the summer, heat is removed from your house and released back into the ground. This is more natural, energy-consuming, and has a longer lifetime than other alternatives.

Trust Par-Troy for the Best AC Services in New Jersey

As New Jersey’s trusted HVAC contractor, Par-Troy HVAC has the expertise to install and repair all types of air conditioning systems. it’s time to decide which one is best for your home. We will help you to choose the best option for your house based on:

  • Budget
  • Home Square Footage
  • Seer Ratings
  • Warranty of the Product
  • Energy Saving Feature

With over 37 years of experience, we are proud to serve residential and industrial clients. We also provide services for heatingductworkhome energy evaluation, hot water heaters, and more.

We are available to assist our customers with any air conditioning emergencies 365 days a year, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. We can respond to every ac emergency within 45 minutes, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, at NO additional cost to you, our valued client. Call us at 973-363-2324 or contact us online to avail our services.

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