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Heating & AC Installation and Repair in Palisades Park, New Jersey

Here’s something interesting: houses are more expensive in Palisades Park, NJ on average compared to the rest of New Jersey and even the entire country. According to, however, most of the houses in Palisades Park were built in 1959 or earlier. This could mean that a lot of these expensive houses may have outdated HVAC systems. 

Par-Troy HVAC’s mission is to help homeowners stay comfortable indoors no matter what kind of weather it is outside. We offer professional HVAC services and we have been in business since 1981. We are proud to have earned an excellent reputation for workmanship and service. We are a member of highly reputable organizations in the industry including Pearl Home Certification, Comfort Institute (IC), and The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). 

Ductwork & Home Energy Evaluations by Par-Troy HVAC in Palisades Park, NJ

While our specialty is HVAC, we also offer products and services that complement your AC and heating system. Here are some of the services that we offer.

Air Conditioning Services - You’re still going to need a reliable air conditioning system in Palisades Park. Count on us for new installations, repair, and replacement. We work with all kinds of air conditioning units and on any brand. 

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Heating Services - Our heating services are probably the ones that you need most in Palisades Park. We offer installation, maintenance, and repair of various kinds of heating systems. It’s important to make sure that your heating system is functioning optimally so you don’t spend too much on utility bills while staying comfortable. 

Ductwork Services - A well-maintained duct system is crucial if you want optimal indoor temperature while not spending a small fortune on energy costs. Dirty air ducts and air leaks are just a couple of problems that can cause costly comfort. And if a damaged duct system is not addressed as soon as possible, the problem will only worsen. 

Mini-Split HVAC - There are some cases when a mini-split HVAC system is more practical, particularly if you have a small property or it’s just one room that you want to cool or heat. By using a mini-split HVAC, you don’t have to install separate cooling and heating systems. Plus, you won’t need ductwork. 

Home Energy Evaluation - A home energy evaluation pinpoints exactly where there is excessive energy consumption. This information will be very useful in coming up with a plan for minimizing energy costs without actually sacrificing your comfort. 

Hot Water Heaters - Not having hot water in New Jersey is unimaginable. That’s why you owe it to yourself to make sure that your water heater is always working by scheduling regular maintenance and upgrade as necessary. 

Let Par-Troy Upgrade Your Water Heater & HVAC System in Palisades Park

Staying comfortable doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need the right kind of help. At Par-Troy HVAC, keeping you comfortable at your home or office in Palisades Park NJ is our mission. Contact us online or give us a call at 973-363-2324 when you need our products and services. 


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