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Heating & AC Installation and Repair in Allendale

Located in Bergen County and boasting a population of 6,505 in the latest U.S. census, Allendale, NJ has warm, humid summers and long, cold winters. That makes it essential to have an HVAC system working at peak efficiency on a year-round basis.

Fortunately, homeowners and business owners in Allendale can lean on Par-Troy HVAC for reliable, cost-effective heating and air conditioning services on a 24/7/365 basis. 

Established in 1981 by Lino Rocha as Par-Troy HVAC in 1981, the company has been providing creative heating and cooling solutions for customers throughout New Jersey for most of four decades. We provide solar-powered heating and cooling, wind-powered heating and cooling, and hybrid heating and cooling systems for both commercial and residential customers. 

We are a partner of Pearl Home Certification, which can help you when you resell your property. Pearl-certified homes typically command a 5% sale premium over non-Pearl-certified homes in the Allendale, NJ area. Par-Troy also is a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), the largest HVAC contractor organization in the US, as well as the Comfort Institute, which trains HVAC contractors and protects consumers. 

Duct Sealing & Maintenance Services by Par-Troy HVAC

The winters in Allendale can be harsh while the summers are humid. To stay comfortable throughout the year in Allendale, you need a reliable HVAC company to maintain your heating and air conditioning system. There’s no other company to consider by Par-Troy HVAC. Services we offer in Allendale include: 

Air Conditioning Services - A reliable air conditioner will serve you for a long time. That’s why for new installations, Par-Troy only recommends the most reputable brands. We also do maintenance and repair work and highly recommend that you get your AC system regularly checked to avoid downtimes. Your AC also requires regular cleaning to remove the accumulated dust and you can trust Par-Troy to deliver consistently high-quality work. 

Heating Systems - Heaters and furnaces must be well-maintained so you don’t get caught in the cold. We highly recommend that you regularly get your heaters and furnaces checked, especially before the winter months. By doing so, you will have a more reliable and energy-efficient heating system. 

Duct Sealing and Repair - The heated or cooled air generated by your heater or air conditioner must pass through your duct system to reach its intended destination in your home or office. However, if there are leaks in your duct system, your HVAC system will be tasked too much and will consume more energy to deliver the same amount of comfort. Our duct sealing and repair services will help you save money on heating and cooling. 

Let Par-Troy Handle Your Home Energy Evaluation in Allendale, NJ

To effectively optimize your energy use at home, you will have to know accurately how energy is consumed. Our home energy evaluation service will provide you with this valuable information and allow you to make smart, informed decisions. Visit our Contact Us page today for more information about our service. If you want to speak to a representative, please call 973-363-2324.

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