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High-Quality HVAC Services in Newark, NJ

A home without heat in the middle of winter is something that you don’t want to have. The same goes for a home that has a broken down AC in the middle of the hot summer heat. When you find that your home has HVAC issues that need addressing, you need to find a reliable HVAC specialist in Newark NJ to rely on. The company you can be sure that you can depend on when you need emergency HVAC services is Par-Troy HVAC.

Par-Troy HVAC is a part of Par-Troy Sheet Metal and AC LLC. This company was established in 1982 by owner, Lino Rocha, who has over 30 years of industry experience. He brings not only his knowledge and experience in the field to this company but also his drive and dedication to serving those who need his expertise. The services that his company offers are a result of this drive to give customers the kind of help they deserve.

Par-Troy Cooling & Heating Solutions

Par-Troy HVAC specializes in a long list of HVAC services and energy efficiency offerings that you can benefit from. These include the following:

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  • Air Conditioning – when you need help with your AC installation, AC repair, and AC replacement, we are the company to call. We can also help you with the installation and repair of your high-velocity HVAC systems.
  • Heating – no matter what kind of heating system you have, our team of experts can help you with what you need. Whether you need repairs, installation, and replacements for your furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and others, we have the personnel and the equipment needed to handle all these.
  • Ductwork – we also have the skills and the knowledge needed to take care of any duct related issues you may have. We offer duct cleaning, duct sealing, duct repair, and duct installation in Newark NJ and the surrounding areas.
  • Home Energy Evaluation – don’t let your home’s energy issues continue to increase your energy bills and consumption. Turn your home into an energy efficient one, and to do so, we can help with a home energy evaluation, which will help determine where problems can be found. We can also help improve your energy efficiency by giving you a recommendation on what improvements are needed.
  • Hot Water Heaters – don’t fall victim to cold showers and the lack of hot water when you need it due to faulty water heaters. We can help you address such a problem.
  • Electrical Services – we also have electrical services that include generator services for power outages, electrical panel upgrades for improved energy consumption, and lighting installation. We can also help you with your conversion to solar power with solar panel installation.

All Your HVAC Needs in Newark NJ Can Be Handled by Par-Troy HVAC

Whatever your HVAC needs may be, in Newark NJ, Par-Troy HVAC is the company to call. We have the equipment, the years of experience, the personnel, and the commitment to give our clients the quality service we have been known to provide through the years. 

Contact us at 973-363-2324 to schedule you for a free inspection and estimate today.

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