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Heating & AC Repair and Installation in Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge, NJ is situated between the townships of West Milford and Jefferson. It has a higher heating cost index, on average, compared to other places in New Jersey and the United States. The chilly winters in Oak Ridge, combined with the warm, humid summers, make it essential to have a functioning HVAC unit on a year-round basis.

That is where the proven professionals from Par-Troy HVAC enter the picture for Oak Ridge residents. Our company is the leading provider of heating and air conditioning services in Oak Ridge and its surrounding communities. 

It has been that way since 1981, when Lino Rocha founded the company that would become Par-Troy HVAC. Our technicians are fully-trained specialists in heating, air conditioning, and duct sealing. We also provide alternative energy options, such as solar-powered & wind-powered units, that are eco-friendly and run on renewable resources.  

Par-Troy HVAC Offers Duct Sealing in Oak Ridge, NJ 

While Par-Troy is the air conditioning and heating specialist in Oak Ridge, we also offer various services to help you keep comfortable while minimizing energy expenditure. 

Air Conditioning Services - Don’t leave your comfort during the summers to chance. Of course, we can help you with AC repair but wouldn’t it be nice to always have a functioning air conditioner? We provide AC maintenance service so you’ll keep cool during warm, humid summers. We also offer new installations and recommend only the highest quality brands that will provide you with cost-effective comfort. 

Heating Systems - Energy costs are rising and homeowners have to be mindful of how energy is being spent in their homes. A good portion of energy consumption in households is spent on heating and cooling. Considering that older heaters and furnaces are not as energy-efficient as the newer ones, replacing your old heating system is something you have to consider. Par-Troy HVAC offers heating system installation services as well as repair and maintenance. 

Duct Sealing and Repair - The network of tubes that transports cooled or heated air in your home or office is called the duct system. The ducts must be properly sealed or there would leaks which can be costly as your HVAC system will have to work double-time. Aside from increased energy consumption, your HVAC system won’t be able to provide the same level of comfort if there are leaks in your ducts. Par-Troy provides superior duct sealing and repair services. 

Trust Par-Troy HVAC for a Home Energy Evaluation in NJ

To make smart decisions, you have to be well-informed. Our home energy evaluation service gives you accurate information on how energy is used. This will arm you with a clear picture of how to optimize your home energy use. For more information about this service, please visit our Contact Us page or call 973-363-2324 to speak to a representative. 

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