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Whole House Humidifier Services in New Jersey

Whole House Humidifier Services in New Jersey

A whole house humidifier is a permanent solution for properties that are experiencing excessive amounts of dry air. This system is integrated into your HVAC system, specifically in the furnace's blower system, and it’s designed to draw water from the water supply. However, the most important feature of the whole house humidifier is that it doesn't require any set maintenance to keep your home at a comfortable humidity level. Once it's set up, you may even forget it's there doing its job.

Since the whole house humidifier takes from your water supply, you never have to worry about filling up your humidifier or letting it dry out. You can relax and forget it's there doing its job while embracing a comfortable home with a clean and healthy airflow. Not to mention, you’re less likely to encounter any of the following health issues that can come with a humid home:

  • Respiratory infections
  • Dry, itchy, and irritated skin
  • Nasal congestion
  • Chapped lips

Your energy consumption will also decrease and because humid air is warm, you won’t have to raise the thermostat during chilly nights.

However, the whole house humidifier isn’t perfect and can develop problems over time. It’s even possible that your humidifier will eventually stop responding or break on the days you need it the most and if the unit doesn’t get fixed immediately, the health and comfort of your home will get worse.

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Keep Your Indoor Environment Comfortable with Par-Troy

If the air in your home is extremely dry or your whole home humidifier is experiencing problems, don’t hesitate to contact Par-Troy, LLC for help. We have been in the business of improving the home health of countless New Jersey homes since 1981.

Our highly qualified technicians can spot the problems with your whole house humidifier quickly and address them by applying the appropriate solutions. We use the latest equipment when carrying out any task to ensure that the procedure is completed in a timely manner whether it involves new whole house dehumidifier installation, repair, replacement or rare maintenance services.

Just contact us at 973-363-2324 when you need our home energy evaluation expertise. We will answer any questions you may have, and schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience.

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