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Envelope Sealing Services in New Jersey

Envelope Sealing Services in New Jersey

In the HVAC industry, your home’s thermal envelope consists of all the parts that shield you from the heat or cold weather. This means your floors, walls, windows, roofs, doors – practically everything that separates your living space from outside elements. However, wear and tear or incorrectly applied caulking, among other things, may show you that your home's envelope might not be as completely sealed as we would like it to be. Small gaps in the windows and doors, leaks in the ductwork, even an improperly maintained fireplace can compromise the integrity of your thermal envelope. In turn, this can reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency and your home’s overall comfort.

To ensure that your home’s envelope is properly sealed, first you have to have HVAC professionals conduct a home energy evaluation. From there, they can determine the main sources of leaks and apply envelope sealing methods to prevent air from escaping, thus balancing indoor air. Contact Par-Troy LLC and we’ll head to wherever you are in New Jersey. Our team of HVAC experts will evaluate and seal your home’s envelope with the most appropriate materials and methods.

Envelope Sealing Methods and Materials

Depending on where leaks are found, there are several ways to seal your home’s thermal envelope. At Par-Troy, we often apply caulk, insulation, and foam.

  • Caulking (or sealant) is often used in gaps found in windows and doors, especially in the parts where the frames expand and contract due to changes in temperature. Caulking can also be applied in gaps between the baseboard and/or crown molding and the walls, as well as gaps between wooden floorboards.

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  • Insulation prevents energy loss where they are installed. Places in your home that should be insulated include the attic (especially unfinished ones) and basement, air ducts, ceilings, foundation, exterior walls, and crawl spaces, whether ventilated or unventilated.
  • Foam insulation comes as a spray and can be applied to walls, roofs and ceilings, floors, and even the plumbing pipes. You can also use foam insulation on the walls of a recording or sound studio, which adds a layer of soundproofing to the area. 

High-Quality Envelope Sealing from Par-Troy

A properly sealed thermal envelope increases your home’s comfort level and lowers your energy costs. Contact Par-Troy LLC at 973-363-2324 to schedule a home energy evaluation and seal any air leaks. We'll make sure the thermal envelope in your New Jersey home is tightly sealed using only the highest quality of materials and your home's airflow stays consistently healthy.

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