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Oil to Gas Conversion Service in New Jersey

Oil to Gas Conversion Service in New Jersey

If you’re still using oil-based heating systems, you may want to consider switching to gas for various reasons. For one, the price of natural gas is cheaper by about 30 to 50 percent and is also more stable compared to oil. Using gas for heating is also better for your health and the environment since it has lower carbon emissions. Finally, gas heating delivers a more consistent output and doesn’t leave behind odors.

Contact Par-Troy should you decide to switch to a gas-based heating system. Not only will our HVAC experts perform the necessary oil to gas conversion service, we can also install the most suitable HVAC system based on your property’s location, size, and architecture. Our experienced HVAC technicians may also recommend other improvements, such as adding insulation or air sealing, to ensure that you get the most out of your heating system. 

More Advantages of Gas Heating

Apart from being the cheapest heating option among oil, electricity, and propane, gas heating also provides the following benefits:

  • Almost instantaneous heat as soon as you turn on the system
  • More precise temperature control (even compared to electric systems), resulting in less wastage and even lower costs
  • Gas can heat up larger and multiple areas faster and more evenly
  • The equipment itself is cheaper and easier to maintain
  • You don’t have to reorder or worry about running out of oil
  • No need to worry about power outages or weather disturbances
  • No need for water storage

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It may seem a bit more expensive at first, however, your initial investment can be earned back quickly, especially with the huge savings in your fuel and upkeep costs.

Worry-Free Oil to Gas Conversion 

With Par-Troy LLC, you can be sure of the smoothest transition from oil to gas heating. Contact us at 973-363-2324 and we'll be ready to assess your New Jersey Area property and recommend the optimum gas heating system for you. Our expert HVAC technicians guarantee a quick and efficient installation, so you can use your new heating system immediately without worry.



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