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Oil Furnaces Installation & Maintenance

Oil Furnaces Installation & Repair in New Jersey

Oil Furnaces Installation & Maintenance

An oil furnace is the heating component that converts oil to heat. Creating a warm and comfortable home is important when the weather gets chilly. An oil furnace is an efficient option for homeowners within our service area, including AllendaleBloomfield, and other cities within New Jersey.

When your furnace goes out in the winter, you need to have it repaired or replaced ASAP. Every hour without your furnace running, the temperature drops indoors, which is uncomfortable and dangerous. At Par-Troy HVAC, our certified technicians are on call  24/7/365 to keep you warm and safe—guaranteed! Call us at 973-363-2324 to learn more about our oil furnace installation or click here to make an appointment today. We offer free estimates!

Benefits of Using an Oil Furnace by Par-Troy HVAC

Benefits of using oil furnaces include:

  • Quiet operation: A variable-speed blower motor is designed to operate quietly and efficiently — a welcome change if you’re currently living with a noisy heating unit. The specially designed silencer baffler minimizes combustion noise.
  • Durability: The aluminized secondary heat exchanger features tightly welded seams to maximize the unit’s longevity and dependability.
  • Efficiency: The stainless-steel combustion chamber also serves as the primary heat exchanger, enabling a more efficient transfer of heat.
  • Reliability: Innovative ignition controls ensure a reliable starting of the heating and combustion process.

How Does an Oil Furnace Work?

How does an Oil Furnace work?

Oil Furnaces work by pumping oil into the furnace where it is turned into a mist sprayed through the blast tube and ignited. The fine droplets mixed with the air allow it to burn very efficiently.

The flame heats the air within a heat exchanger, and the combusted gasses exit through a flue or chimney. Air from the house is drawn through the ductwork, past the heat exchanger, and back out of the vents in the house. In most modern systems, the air flows through a filter, which removes any impurities. 

How Much Does an Oil Furnace Cost?

Prices do vary depending on what the home needs. Each oil furnace we sell is custom designed for your home based on square footage. Fluctuating costs, moderate efficiencies, and oil storage concerns make these systems less attractive when homeowners are considering replacement of their heating system but at Par-Troy HVAC your comfort is our main concern and we offer alternate heating systems from which to choose. 

Trust Us to Install & Repair Your Oil Furnace in Allendale & Fairview, NJ

When it comes to your complete annual maintenance visit, you should rely on a professional. Our Pearl Home Certification & ACCA certified technicians can work on any make or model. At Par-Troy, we offer same-day service to customers in Allendale, Bogota, Closter, Fairview, and other New Jersey cities that we serve.  Garfield, Haledon, Ironia, Madison, Millburn, River Edge, and nearby cities. In addition to oil furnace installation, we provide service for furnace repair & installation, boiler repair & installation, oil to gas conversion, solar heating systems, and much more. To schedule an appointment, please click here or give us a call today at 973-363-2324 for more information.

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