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Heat Pump Services in New Jersey

Heat Pump Services in New Jersey

The right heating system for your home or office depends primarily on its size and architecture. For example, if the area is small and/or regularly shaped with no odd corners, self-contained or electric heating are both good choices. For bigger spaces, however, installing a heat pump may be the better option.

Heat pumps work by taking and transferring the heat from one area to another by pumping the warm air through a series of pipes. This means that they don’t directly generate heat but rather moves heat around. This makes it a more cost-efficient, energy-efficient option, especially in places with moderate climates.

If you want to install a heat pump in your property or want to add a heat pump to your current heating system, simply contact Par Troy LLC and we’ll take it from there. We will install the most suitable heat pump for your home or business, after a complete assessment of the structure.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are relatively easier to install compared to other heating systems, which often require ventilation systems and air ducts that need extra construction work. Another advantage of a heat pump system is that it can double as an air conditioning unit as well -- the cycle can be reversed during the summer so that the pump will extract heat from your home instead of delivering heat inside.

Other benefits of a heat pump include:

  • Minimal noise, especially compared to a furnace
  • Environmentally friendly and much more sustainable, since transferring heat requires much lower energy than creating it
  • No risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and other health problems
  • No need for constant monitoring of fuels, and other concerns like electrical shortages
  • Helps improve air quality by circulating the air more efficiently

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At Par-Troy LLC, we have years of experience installing and repairing heat pump systems. Contact us today at 973-363-2324 and we’ll gladly give your New Jersey property a visit to assess its demands and recommend the most appropriate heat pump system for you.

Our expert technicians are ready to answer any of your inquiries about the latest heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems on the market today.

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