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AC Freon Refill Service

AC Freon Refill Services in New Jersey

Freon is an important element of the air conditioning system. It is a cooling agent that is widely used in all air conditioning systems. It helps to create cool air in the cooling unit of the air conditioner system. It regulates in a closed system and circulates without escaping to the outer environment.

AC Freon Refill Service

So if you notice that your ac freon is not on sufficient level then there must have been some leak in the air conditioning system. So the wise option is to tune up your air conditioning unit from time to time.

If the problem is much more complicated, then seeking professional help is the best option for you. If you are a resident living around Bergenfield, Passaic, Paterson and other cities of New Jersey and in need of freon refill then Par-Troy is the best solution for you. Here at Par-Troy, we provide certified and licensed technicians who have years of expertise and training and can install freon refills in no time. So contact us today at 973-363-2324 to benefit from our services.

How To Tell That You Need A Freon Refill?

AC Freon Refill Service

Here are some important signs that indicate you need a freon refill-

  • Your energy bill will increase all of a sudden.
  • There will be ice-covered on the line of refrigerant.
  • You will notice hissing or bubbling noise from the air condition which will seem very annoying.
  • Warm air will come out from the vents continuously.

Rely On Us For The Best AC Repair and Maintenance Services

Par-Troy has been providing quality service for more than 40 years. We provide other services like AC replacement, AC repair, AC installation around Passaic, Paterson and other cities of New Jersey. So if you are living around the above-mentioned places and want the best AC repair and maintenance services, then make sure to contact us online or call us at 973-363-2324.

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