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Generator Services in New Jersey

Portable and Standby Generator Services in NJ

Blackouts can occur without notice, and things can get problematic when it happens. Depending on your situation, the power outage can last for several days and not having electricity for so long can be dangerous – especially if you run into an emergency.

Fortunately, you can always be ready for the unpredictability of an electrical crisis if you have a generator installed on your property. A generator is designed to provide you with backup power whenever there’s a power outage. Generator systems that suit residential spaces typically come in two forms: standby and portable generators.

A standby generator is permanently placed outside of your home. It’s powered by gas, liquid propane, or the local utility lines. The portable generator, on the other hand, is a gas-powered unit that’s mainly used to power specific items like your home appliances. It isn’t placed inside the building because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The reliability of the generator makes it a great investment for homeowners who live in areas that are often hit by bad weather. However, to make sure that your generator runs smoothly 100% of the time, it needs to remain in good condition.

With Par-Troy, Your Generator Will Always be Ready

Contact Par-Troy, LLC if your generator isn’t functioning properly. We’ve serviced various kinds of generators since 1982, so we have the experience and skill to handle any issue it’s experiencing.

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