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Understanding a Home Energy Evaluation

Understanding a Home Energy Evaluation If your energy bills seem unusually high, it is the ideal time for a home energy evaluation. What is a home energy evaluation and what does it have to do with your utility bills or energy consumption?

Also called an energy audit, a home energy evaluation is a method used to determine where energy is used and why so much energy is consumed. This audit is done to help homeowners understand where they can become more energy-efficient in their daily routine and enact changes to reduce their energy consumption and costs.

A home energy evaluation is something that you should do immediately if you've never had one. This will help you see the following:

  • Where energy is being wasted in your home
  • Why energy is being wasted in your home
  • Which systems are costing you too much in energy bills
  • What you can do to reduce energy wastage and reduce your energy bills

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What Happens When You Get a Home Energy Evaluation?

When you ask for an energy audit, there are a few things you can expect a professional evaluator to do. These include:

  • Check the efficiency of your AC and heating units
  • Assess the performance of your air ducts and ventilation system
  • Check your insulation
  • Assess doors, windows, and other elements that may cause heat or AC leakage

Once your home is evaluated, you will get recommendations to improve its energy efficiency. Plan to show your utility bills for the past few months to your evaluator to provide a clearer picture of your situation.

When you need a professional home energy evaluator in Greater New Jersey, the name to know is Par-Troy HVAC. In addition to providing superior home energy evaluations, we also provide HVAC services such as air-conditioning installation, ductwork services, and heating services

Reduce energy costs today and save a lot of money by having your home evaluated and optimized for energy efficiency. Contact us online or give us a call at 973-363-2324 to begin your journey to a more energy efficient home.

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