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High-Velocity HVAC Repair Service in New Jersey

High-Velocity HVAC Repair Service in New Jersey

One of the biggest advantages of high-velocity HVAC systems over traditional heating and cooling systems is their energy efficiency. High-velocity HVACs are ideal for homes or small offices that don’t have a lot of space or have architectural issues.

No matter how many benefits they may have over older systems, high-velocity HVAC systems can still get damaged and suffer from wear and tear, and just like any other heating and cooling system, it’s best to call the professionals to provide top-notch high-velocity HVAC repair services. If you know or suspect that your high-velocity HVAC system needs repairs, contact Par-Troy LLC. We’ll send our HVAC technicians to your home or office to handle the problem quickly and efficiently.

How to Know if Your High-Velocity HVAC Needs Repairs

Much like your other home appliances, high-velocity HVAC systems need regular maintenance checks so they always work efficiently. However, it might be difficult to determine if your HVAC system needs repair work done. Here are some common symptoms that you should look out for.

  • The space feels too hot or too cold despite having the desired temperature setting
  • Noticeably weaker airflow
  • Loud noises like humming, gurgling, or occasional popping
  • The system stutters when you turn it on

Most of the time, these issues are caused by leaks in the ducts or some form of damage to the air handler. Sometimes, the motor may have suffered irreparable damage or it may be old enough that it just needs to be replaced. Don’t ignore these warning signs – call a professional HVAC technician right away and have your system checked to prevent extensive and costlier damage.

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If you need to have your high-velocity HVAC system repaired, contact Par-Troy at 973-363-2324. We have a team always on standby, so we can immediately send our licensed and experienced technicians to your home or office New Jersey area Rest assured that whatever repair work we will perform to your HVAC system will last, so you can live and work in comfort for a long time.

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