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High-Velocity HVAC Services in New Jersey Area

High-Velocity HVAC Services in New Jersey Area

Whether you live in an unbearably hot climate or in a city with cold, harsh winters, investing in a high-quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is critical for living and working comfortably. So how do you choose the right HVAC system? Apart from the usual considerations of heating and cooling capacities, you should also take a look at energy efficiency, space and other installation requirements, as well.

Considering these factors, high-velocity HVAC systems are an excellent choice. They have been around for a while now, but their myriad benefits that complement modern market requirements have made them increasingly more popular. Par-Troy LLC has a wide range of high-velocity HVAC systems, suitable for both homes and offices. Contact us if you want a high-velocity HVAC unit installed on your property today, and we’ll be happy to send our expert HVAC technicians to help.

The Advantages of High-Velocity HVAC

High-velocity HVAC systems have quite a few advantages over traditional HVAC systems. These include

  • Easier installation, with no need to for major renovations. A high-velocity HVAC system has smaller flexible ducts, which is especially ideal in homes or offices that don’t have a central HVAC system and smaller properties.
  • Faster, more efficient cooling. HVAC systems use less electricity compared to traditional ones to cool or warm the same amount of space. They also only use half the air flow to achieve the desired temperature and even have better moisture-removal capabilities (usually 30 percent or higher).
  • More even heating and cooling. Traditional HVAC systems usually blast huge amounts of air in one go, which results in uneven temperatures. High-velocity HVAC systems, on the other hand, create a gentle stream, which gives an even heating or cooling action.

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Whether you want to replace your old HVAC system or your property doesn’t have one yet, a high-velocity HVAC is a worthwhile investment. Contact Par-Troy at 973-363-2324 and we’ll install the most suitable HVAC system your home or office in the New Jersey area.

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