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Air Conditioning Services in New Jersey

When summer begins, having a working air conditioning system is of utmost importance. Nobody wants to sweat through hot and humid days, so having your air conditioner break down when you need it the most is the last thing anybody wants.

However, you can’t exactly predict the condition of your air conditioner and just hope for the best. Should your AC all of the sudden stop functioning, you’ll need the help of a professional HVAC company if you want to get through this situation. Fortunately, Par-Troy is here to help.

We offer the following air conditioning services:

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

At Par-Troy, we are familiar with all types of air conditioning systems and we have extensive experience working with the following HVAC systems:

Mini-Split AC

A mini-split air conditioner is a system that has much appeal to homeowners because of its lack of ducts. It also provides more flexibility than other air conditioners because its outside compressor and heat exchangers can be positioned with more freedom and can be installed in a more discrete location.

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Central Air Conditioning System

This is the more standard type of air conditioning system, where a series of ducts deliver cool air around the house or commercial space. This is more advantageous for larger buildings, where pre-existing ductwork can work in favor of the central AC system.

Window Unit AC

This type of air conditioner is typically installed through a window or an opening in a wall. The window unit AC is able to cool outside air by blowing it in through a condenser while dispersing indoor heat to the outside. Each window unit is capable of cooling a room and is usually installed in buildings that have many separate rooms like a small condominium.

Packaged Terminal AC (PTAC)

A PTAC is similar to a window AC unit, where it is installed through an opening in a wall but is more self-contained since no part of it protrudes outside.

Reliable AC Services with Par-Troy

Regardless of the type of air conditioner that you have installed at home or in your office, you can place your trust in Par-Troy. We have years of experience when it comes to servicing or installing any type of air conditioners. If your property in Newark, Dover, or Livingston, NJ needs AC installation, AC repairs, or air conditioner replacement, then we’re the name to remember.

If you have any questions regarding our air conditioner services, give us a call at 973-363-2324 or send us a message through our Contact Us page.

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